Pricing Insights to Save time and Increase Margin

Help Merchandisers, Retailers, Brand Owners or E-commerce platforms to monitor and analyze price, promotions and stock-out for all products across various platforms 

Monitor Products

You can monitor prices, promotions, discounts, out of stocks for all your products mapped to similar competitor products from the day of Dragon Lady setup up to previous day

Visualize Price and Stock Trends

See trends of price, discounts, and out of stock% compared to your competitors. You can see how your sales and revenue are impacted, all in a single chart/report

Know Your Market

Compare your SKU assortments to your competitors across different category levels or brands for similar price points and size/volume.

Price Competition Summary

Price Ranks Calculated for each SKU, different product category levels and brands across similar price points with respect to your top 2-3 competitors. In the Summary you would be able to see the impact your price ranks have on your sales and revenue.


Support provided to integrate Dragon Lady with your existing systems.

Key Insights and Alerts

Key insights sent on a daily or weekly bases. Incase of Stock outs an alert can be sent. It can be sent on Email or relevant team communication channel

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